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Hey there, welcome to the Fitness Legitness podcast; regardless of whether you're a newbie or a seasoned fit pro, there's a ton of info to get stuck into.  Fitness Biz + Female Physiology made simple.

Oct 30, 2020

Building a successful business takes time and effort. One of the integral parts of running your own business is getting more clients, which can be challenging. The good news is that it’s easy to get your biz-sass back.

In this episode, I will talk about five steps you can follow to bring more clients to your business. We will discuss why many personal trainers don’t ask for referrals and what they miss out on by doing the same. From changing your mindset to devising a referral strategy, you can take small steps to up your fitness legitness. Referrals aren’t just something you ask for- they’re a part of an entire culture.

I’m going to talk about how you can add value to your clients. Your audience adores how you can help them towards their goals. They may need rewards in return for referring other people and encouraging them to sign-up for your business. Most importantly, you’ll need to make your business such that people know you’re a true fitness queen. Your clients must come back to you because they know that you can get them the results they want.

Once you’re able to get referrals, you need to make it easy for clients to refer to you. I’ve spoken about some strategies in the podcast. From developing a mission statement to building an online business presence, there’s work that you need to do.

Listen to this podcast so that you can come one step closer to being a badass business owner. Every piece of information I share in the podcast will help. I’m not going to talk about any ‘hacks’ or ‘tricks’ or any other shit that people don’t want to know. I’ll talk about real, actionable steps that will help you change how you look at your business.

It’s time for you to give your business the recognition that it deserves.


(00:05:25): And honestly, the easiest place for you to start is by asking your current clients whether there are people that they know who they think would benefit from working with you in your business.

(00:08:30): You need to think about shifting your business from a referral, being seen as a negative thing into seeing the referral as a positive thing, just knowing that a referral is a natural part of your business.

(00:13:25): I'm sharing my big business vision with them. (clients) So, it's less about you, the personal trainer, or the individual. It’s more about your mission.

(00:21:30): When it comes to building out your business, the stronger your community is, the less likely it is that people will leave the community.

(00:32:01): Shout that from the rooftops, that cream rises to the top. So, you are part of that cream. You're not the skanky leftover piece of the milk at the bottom of the milk bottle.

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