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Hey there, welcome to the Fitness Legitness podcast; regardless of whether you're a newbie or a seasoned fit pro, there's a ton of info to get stuck into.  Fitness Biz + Female Physiology made simple.

Nov 25, 2019



Make More Money (+ Stress Less) This Christmas/New Year Holiday Period


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I don't know about you, but for many years as a personal trainer, I always had this belief that it was really hard to make money in December.  I'd always get to the end of the year and experience a sense of dread as I...

Nov 9, 2019


Insights From A World Champion


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I’m really excited to bring you today’s show.  My guest this week is my long time friend, pro fitness model, WBFF 2016 world champion, and all round amazing woman, Hattie Boydle.

She is  well-respected physique coach, fitness leader, influencer and WBFF...