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Hey there, welcome to the Fitness Legitness podcast; regardless of whether you're a newbie or a seasoned fit pro, there's a ton of info to get stuck into.  Fitness Biz + Female Physiology made simple.

Aug 17, 2022


My husband and I have worked from home for almost 7 years, and while I am accustomed to managing our spaces well, I've been yearning for another space.

A gym space to be precise. Over Project Undo I realised that I need to be around other humans; to have conversations with someone other than my husband and my coffee guy.

As much as I love training from my home gym, I had to get out of the house.

So I took advantage of a paid one-week trial at Legacy Through Movement, dusted off my workout shoes and headed in.

What I've experienced with them has been nothing short of awesome. In fact, they have done some basic things, exceptionally fkn well.

So well, I am compelled to share these with you, as both a reminder and a refresher of how you can be competitive in a market full of gyms and big box clubs.

Tune into this episode where I jam on 3 powerful topics:

1. Your unfair competitive advantage (that you probably take for granted)

2. Why competing on price is a race to the bottom (you don't win by being the cheapest)

3. The power of a paid trial (it's 2022 people, let's stop the free fkn trials already!)



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