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Nov 29, 2021

In a recent coaching call inside my membership area, one of the trainers was sharing her disappointment about a 'failed' launch she'd just completed.

She was upset with her results but more so she was struggling to understand why it had happened. 

When I asked her to break the whole thing down, from how she advertised her new class (the new product), to the number of enquiries to trials she gave, right down to the experience of the trial, we found that the launch was not the failure she thought.

In fact, it was the opposite - it was a success, but she couldn't see it.

In today's episode, I go over the situation in detail so you can see exactly what numbers and variables you need to be looking at.

I also share a key step in the process that most trainers neglect to include but are the one thing that will increase your conversion rates.

This will change your perspective and give you the clarity to launch and sell a new product with confidence.


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