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Hey there, welcome to the Fitness Legitness podcast; regardless of whether you're a newbie or a seasoned fit pro, there's a ton of info to get stuck into.  Fitness Biz + Female Physiology made simple.

Dec 4, 2020


Welcome back to the Fitness Lightness Podcast.

Assessing the fitness of your clients in group settings is crucial to help them meet their goals. A successful personal trainer needs to know what factors to consider while planning a clients’ workout strategy. However, personal trainers believe that individual personal training may make it easier for them to help their clients than in group settings. Today, I’ll talk about how you can plan clients’ workouts in group settings.

We’re going to discuss how to personalise your training according to clients’ requirements and what you observe in their assessments. After all, every personal trainer’s objective is to be sensitive to the clients’ needs at a specific time. This means being extra careful to notice any potential injuries or identify issues like poor strength or instability. Teaching exercises is just one part of a fitness plan as your clients must be ready for them.  In other words - your client must be able to meet the demands of your training.

Aspects like changes in clients’ movement patterns, lifestyles, injuries, and walking style play a role in devising a workout plan. You must be able to understand a clients’ ability to perform different sets of exercises. You need to consider aspects like a client’s level of experience or posture into account as well.

By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn to get your biz-sass back by strategically planning fitness sessions. You’ll know how to divide clients into categories based on their fitness requirements. Understand how good observation skills and noting the strengths and weaknesses of your clients can benefit you. Learn about how can prepare a fitness area before a group of people start their training. Understand how you can make appropriate interventions for them.

Play the podcast to get access to information that will help you become a fierce personal trainer. It’s time to make sure that your clients are comfortable with the way they’re being assessed.


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